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It's a sad truth that this is also happening in my hometown!

Ashish Sidapara

So the vision and mission statement is all ball talks, too bad whats going on behind the scene. Great series, informative as always!


really sad story go with the photos that shown how poorly maintain of school. the money should go to upgrade the school not for curruption:-) great subject.


This is a wonderful, very timely series, Sidney. The pictures really convey the dankness and destitute nature of the physical plants of the schools and government, and your text really expands on it. The rampant corruption is so similar to what I have run across from my own relatives' experience living in Manila and in Zamboanga. For some reason--perhaps survivability as you suggest--corruption thrives in the archipelago. While survivability in my opinion causes relatively small incidents, it is like an addiction that spreads and gets worse with each event.


During my hard work week I have missed the beginning of your new series on another great subject. Thanks for the informative texts. Your shots in these warm grey are wonderful . As your habits ...:-)


What a sad sad testament to the awful state of education administration in the Philippines and to the priorities of an inefficient government. I cannot stop but think that it is the same if not worse level of corruption as it was when I used to live there. The funds slated for public works, school buildings, teacher's salaries were always siphoned by corrupt government officials. Corruption was a way of life in the Philippines that no one can prove it or cared about it. In the Philippines, a sure way of having a comfortable life is to be a government official. This is so depressing to see such awful state, yet I am sure the government officials have some sort of billboards proclaiming a list of their accomplishments somewhere?


These are good shots that show the pathetic state of education in the country. Do you have a pic of students holding a class under an acacia/mango tree? It's a common sight in provincial schools. :D

Serge Cornelus

And we think oúr shool system needs improvement. The B&W strengthen the point, btw. Nice work!


Ouch! Bah! An eyeopener for uninformed people.

david kleinert

very interesting images and words Sidney. thanks for sharing these :)


"Embezzlement, nepotism, influence peddling, fraud and other types of corruption also flourish."

Almost sounds like politics in my great state of New Jersey...only here it's called "pay to play" and it touches all areas of the public trust. It's just business as usual in NJ politics.

Maybe it's not so in your face here as it sounds like it is there, but sorry to say, it seems like its everywhere. And who pays the penalty??? The children in this case. Sad, very sad.

I won't complain so much about the conditions in our schools after seeing this.


hope the corrupt officials will see your pictures, shame on them.

but i am happy because the children are still pursuing education inspite of such situation. hopefully these children will grow wisely and they will not do what the corrupt officials are doing now.


We cannot kill corruption but to only prevent it from spreading and hoping that it will die down slowly. But then again, it's hard.

I love the pictures Sidney! Evoked certain memories in my mind.


Mike Dougan

I like your B&W's

On some levels the corruption in the Philippines is being reduced, our local Mayor got caught and has since disapeared, and on other levels corruption is getting worse. We recently had a party at our house and if I had $1 for every time somebody tried to give me a Masonic handshake and inquire after what business I could do in the Philippines (off course they would want to help) I'd be able to retire now.


I like the ray of light in the school.^.


Excellent series here. I really like the signs. The rules of the school are interesting.

What's really interesting is the one other sign where the "God-fearing" is in a different font than the rest of the sign!


While reading your blog - it almost seemed like I was reading about the education related corruption in India....your pictures help put a face to the facts you are sharing.
And thanks for your note - it pushed me to finally have my website listed on photoblogs!


Great series, this leaves nothing to the imagination regarding the condition of the school building.


Sad that so many chances are wasted by corruption, very sad.


Great series Sidney ...
Talk about corruption - it's everywhere ....

Al Bjørnstad

... and still the government is prioritizing constitutional change! Ugh!


Interesting shots. Vision and Mission statement, very corporate and bang up to date!


Lovely set. especially the last one - my favorite.


Tsk tsk! I pity the state of this school. Damn those corrupt gov officials. I hope te higher ups in the government do something about this.

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